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Zakopane Zakopane

the Beating Heart of Tatra Mountains

In the 19th century Zakopane was a sleepy village inhabited by the Mountain People who, living for years in isolation, had created their own and unique culture. The special atmosphere and wild beauty of this place was discovered by Dr Tytus Chałubiński, who started to send his patients there, appreciating the blessings of the nature. In a short time, artists and the cream of society announced Zakopane was their favourite place in Poland, where they rested, create their works of art and had love affairs… Now the city is visited by countless tourists who, wanting to experience tradition, very often complain about the “tacky face” of 21st-century Zakopane. Thus we decided to show our guests the face of “the winter capital of Poland” and its neighborhood which still expresses the charm of the past days and the beauty of unharmed nature.

the 15th century wooden church in Dębno, open-air ethnographic museum in Chochołów, Old Cemetery in Zakopane, walk along Kościeliska street, famous for its architecture, meeting witha local artist or assistance in the production of the delicious highland cheese “oscypek”, lunch in atraditional restaurant. And if the weather is fine – a carriage will take you to on a trip round Zakopane to give you a chance to see the breathtaking view and… to experience the crowds who create the atmosphere of today’s Zakopane.

9.30 a.m. at your hotel

approx. 10 hours

services of a professional guide at your absolute disposal, 3-course lunch with a drink, carriage ride, transportation services.

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