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Saints, Sinners and Monks Saints, Sinners and Monks

Erazm Ciołek Museum & Secrets of Tyniec Monastery

Nearly a thousand years ago, a Benedictine Monastery was founded on the limestone rock on the bank of the Vistula river. This mystic place has the atmosphere of Umberto Eco’s famous “Name of the Rose”, and ancient secrets can also be brought back to life here. In Tyniec, some people claim, during stormy nights you can still hear a woman’s cry, begging her husband to forgive her sins... The visit to the old monastery is a unique opportunity to learn about thee very day life of monks, to see the beauty of medieval monastery buildings and fortification walls and admire the baroque SS. Peter and Paul church. In the small yet charming shop you can taste and buy natural products made according to ancient recipes. The holy face of the Krużlowa Madonna can hardly be forgotten. She seems to think endlessly of all those people who, despite their efforts, were too weak to follow her Son’ message. We can also think of them while strolling through the museum’s chambers – they are still there, in the funeral portraits, reminding us of days past. In the museum we have aunique occasion to feel the spirit of Old Poland –the country whose citizens, strongly cultivatingthe Catholic religion, were at the same time longing for the pleasures of life so much that finally, at the end of the 18th century, they caused the partition of their beloved Homeland.

visit to the Tyniec Monastery, lunch in the refectory, guided tour in the Erazm Ciołek Museum presenting 12th-18th-century Polish art.

9.30 a.m. at your hotel

approx. 6 hours

services of a professional guide at your absolute disposal, guided tour in the monastery and in the Erazm Ciołek Museum, food in the refectory – the same the monks will be eating – with a drink, entrance fee, transportation services.

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